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Individual tests


This ranking shows the fastest CPUs per kind of task using the higher mode (optimized software):
· Test#1: Integers.
· Test#2: Floating point.
· Test#3: Generic (Zip de/compression).
· Test#4: Memory.

Test#1 (Integers) monothread
60.21k points
57.05k points
53.98k points
52.13k points
50.16k points
48.39k points
47.92k points
43.24k points
41.94k points
41.41k points
41.22k points
38.06k points
37.9k points
37.84k points
35.87k points
35.12k points
33.62k points
33.56k points
33.03k points
33.02k points
32.67k points
32.65k points
32.55k points
32.09k points
31.66k points
31.54k points
31.2k points
31.16k points
30.66k points
30.65k points
30.64k points
30.52k points
30.38k points
30.11k points
29.75k points
29.63k points
29.53k points
29.42k points
29.31k points
29.17k points
29.11k points
28.9k points
28.79k points
28.74k points
28.73k points
28.39k points
28.19k points
28.04k points
27.93k points
27.81k points
27.46k points
27.36k points
27.29k points
27.25k points
27.2k points
27.08k points
26.75k points
26.7k points
26.46k points
26.46k points
26.43k points
26.38k points
26.31k points
26.17k points
26.16k points
26.08k points
25.97k points
25.86k points
25.83k points
25.78k points
25.77k points
25.59k points
25.53k points
25.22k points
25.16k points
24.94k points
24.89k points
24.7k points
24.69k points
24.64k points
24.5k points
24.46k points
24.44k points
24.37k points
24.32k points
24.31k points
24.3k points
24.14k points
24.03k points
24k points
23.82k points
23.82k points
23.6k points
23.47k points
23.35k points
23.27k points

Test#1 (Integers) multithread
861.66k points
587.06k points
574.06k points
560.19k points
546.04k points
502.11k points
494.82k points
485.37k points
458.8k points
415.67k points
377.56k points
359.52k points
344.72k points
327.93k points
327.44k points
325.54k points
307.39k points
304k points
281.98k points
279.21k points
276.22k points
260.97k points
260.4k points
260.23k points
248.93k points
248.24k points
247.37k points
246.84k points
242.98k points
240.28k points
236.25k points
232.06k points
229.41k points
217.77k points
216.18k points
215.61k points
214.99k points
210.36k points
202.42k points
187.43k points
187.4k points
184.19k points
183.54k points
181.66k points
180.2k points
180.2k points
177.14k points
176.41k points
175.69k points
174.92k points
174.66k points
174.56k points
172.67k points
172.04k points
171.25k points
168.88k points
168.12k points
167.2k points
166.66k points
165.5k points
165.17k points
164.6k points
163.14k points
160.54k points
159.87k points
159.6k points
158.82k points
156.98k points
156.44k points
156.18k points
154.2k points
152.43k points
150.99k points
150.28k points
145.13k points
144.86k points
144.77k points
144.48k points
136.69k points
135.52k points
134.63k points
134.28k points
133.55k points
130.91k points
130.19k points
127.14k points
126.62k points
125.56k points
125.56k points
125.17k points
124.63k points
123.33k points
122.92k points
121.96k points
120.79k points
120.59k points
118.41k points

Test#2 (Floating point) monothread
33.14k points
31.55k points
31.5k points
31.43k points
30.1k points
30.02k points
29.66k points
29.52k points
29.47k points
29.24k points
28.97k points
28.49k points
28.17k points
28.13k points
27.95k points
27.82k points
27.75k points
27.44k points
27.11k points
27.06k points
27.05k points
26.95k points
26.92k points
26.81k points
26.8k points
26.75k points
26.75k points
26.59k points
26.55k points
26.54k points
26.5k points
26.5k points
26.47k points
26.39k points
26.3k points
26.29k points
26.28k points
26.28k points
26.26k points
26.21k points
26.21k points
26.16k points
26.08k points
26.05k points
26.03k points
26.01k points
26.01k points
25.88k points
25.86k points
25.78k points
25.78k points
25.69k points
25.64k points
25.64k points
25.61k points
25.49k points
25.41k points
25.31k points
25.25k points
25.01k points
24.89k points
24.87k points
24.76k points
24.75k points
24.74k points
24.67k points
24.62k points
24.59k points
24.5k points
24.47k points
24.42k points
24.28k points
24.27k points
24.26k points
24.26k points
24.19k points
24.18k points
24.09k points
24.08k points
24.03k points
23.91k points
23.89k points
23.84k points
23.81k points
23.76k points
23.7k points
23.63k points
23.56k points
23.52k points
23.49k points
23.47k points
23.41k points
23.39k points
23.36k points
23.28k points
23.27k points
23.26k points

Test#2 (Floating point) multithread
626.76k points
516.98k points
514.14k points
496.41k points
477.21k points
472.7k points
437.01k points
435.61k points
421.3k points
414.67k points
377.45k points
351.64k points
347.59k points
338.52k points
329.16k points
314.85k points
309.66k points
304.7k points
298.48k points
292.81k points
288.18k points
264.04k points
259.01k points
255.4k points
250.61k points
248.95k points
246.12k points
245.38k points
240.46k points
237.27k points
234.3k points
230.19k points
228.94k points
224.43k points
223.59k points
221.31k points
220.92k points
220.32k points
220.16k points
215.44k points
214.37k points
214.03k points
210.82k points
207.93k points
207.73k points
203.84k points
203.56k points
200.56k points
198.36k points
197.34k points
195.79k points
192.46k points
191.43k points
190.46k points
186.33k points
182.53k points
181.2k points
180.75k points
178.56k points
176.85k points
168.1k points
167.57k points
167.2k points
167.15k points
166.56k points
163.51k points
162.82k points
161.5k points
160.79k points
158.8k points
158.62k points
158.57k points
157.1k points
156.5k points
156.32k points
154.06k points
153.88k points
151.55k points
151.05k points
150.39k points
148.09k points
147.29k points
146.9k points
146.43k points
145.84k points
145.68k points
139.9k points
139.1k points
138.87k points
135.25k points
135.13k points
131.59k points
131.05k points
129.04k points
126.29k points
122.99k points

Test#3 (Generic, Zip) monothread
17.81k points
16.52k points
16.48k points
15.65k points
15.04k points
14.11k points
13.5k points
13.48k points
13.41k points
13.37k points
13.23k points
13.13k points
12.67k points
12.63k points
12.56k points
12.18k points
12.13k points
12.1k points
12.09k points
11.96k points
11.85k points
11.83k points
11.77k points
11.73k points
11.72k points
11.66k points
11.5k points
11.44k points
11.44k points
10.92k points
10.81k points
10.76k points
10.71k points
10.36k points
10.32k points
10.24k points
10.23k points
10.17k points
9.66k points
9.54k points
9.51k points
9.4k points
9.39k points
9.34k points
9.31k points
9.31k points
9.22k points
9.2k points
9.05k points
9.04k points
8.92k points
8.85k points
8.82k points
8.68k points
8.66k points
8.63k points
8.47k points
8.39k points
8.04k points
7.94k points
7.74k points
7.34k points
7.17k points
7.1k points
6.68k points
6.65k points
6.57k points
6.55k points
6.54k points
6.51k points
6.45k points
6.41k points
6.33k points
6.33k points
6.27k points
6.2k points
6.08k points
6.06k points
6.01k points
6.01k points
5.99k points
5.98k points
5.91k points
5.91k points
5.88k points
5.86k points
5.84k points
5.84k points
5.81k points
5.78k points
5.78k points
5.75k points
5.74k points
5.72k points
5.7k points
5.7k points

Test#3 (Generic, Zip) multithread
334.12k points
213.92k points
211.36k points
211.31k points
192.52k points
183.02k points
171.31k points
158.77k points
158.41k points
140.01k points
134.66k points
132.87k points
130k points
128.48k points
123.94k points
121.23k points
118.88k points
118.11k points
113.16k points
113.09k points
110.81k points
109.64k points
109.37k points
107.95k points
102.48k points
102.32k points
100.46k points
97.1k points
96.84k points
96.6k points
93.24k points
91.63k points
88.45k points
88.08k points
87.35k points
86.55k points
85.67k points
83.2k points
83.17k points
80.57k points
80.22k points
78.62k points
78.16k points
73.91k points
72.94k points
72.89k points
72.12k points
72.05k points
69.79k points
68.25k points
65.54k points
64.87k points
62.42k points
61.69k points
61.23k points
60.28k points
59.78k points
58.9k points
58.81k points
57.2k points
56.83k points
56.12k points
56.05k points
54.24k points
53.97k points
53.39k points
53.2k points
51.57k points
48.47k points
47.44k points
47.02k points
45.95k points
45.32k points
44.96k points
43.52k points
43.09k points
43k points
42.59k points
42.46k points
42.08k points
41.8k points
40.6k points
40.48k points
40.08k points
40.05k points
39.94k points
39.88k points
39.45k points
39.27k points
39.14k points
38.53k points
36.99k points
36.56k points
36.5k points
36.42k points
36.42k points

Test#4 (Memory) monothread
26.7k points
26.58k points
26.54k points
26.47k points
25.67k points
25.55k points
25.49k points
25.03k points
24.28k points
24.22k points
23.88k points
23.55k points
23.3k points
23.21k points
23.14k points
22.95k points
22.9k points
22.75k points
22.73k points
22.55k points
22.22k points
21.95k points
21.64k points
21.18k points
21.11k points
21.03k points
19.78k points
19.76k points
19.32k points
18.5k points
18.48k points
18.34k points
18k points
17.78k points
17.06k points
17k points
16.71k points
16.61k points
16.26k points
16.22k points
15.86k points
15.73k points
15.56k points
15.45k points
15.44k points
15.43k points
15.38k points
15.34k points
15.22k points
15k points
14.98k points
14.78k points
14.46k points
14.37k points
14.19k points
14.17k points
14.07k points
14.05k points
14.03k points
13.98k points
13.92k points
13.88k points
13.87k points
13.81k points
13.75k points
13.51k points
13.19k points
13.16k points
13.12k points
13.03k points
12.86k points
12.85k points
12.72k points
12.25k points
12.25k points
12.1k points
12.02k points
12k points
11.97k points
11.96k points
11.92k points
11.77k points
11.72k points
11.68k points
11.66k points
11.54k points
11.5k points
11.48k points
11.31k points
11.13k points
10.94k points
10.81k points
10.77k points
10.74k points
10.73k points
10.72k points
10.71k points
10.5k points

Test#4 (Memory) multithread
90.92k points
67.08k points
58.39k points
52.22k points
42.69k points
38.26k points
37.88k points
36.8k points
30.45k points
29.66k points
29.19k points
26.51k points
26.5k points
25.33k points
24.92k points
24.81k points
22.99k points
22.69k points
22.3k points
20.8k points
19.9k points
19.85k points
19.8k points
18.54k points
18.48k points
17.19k points
17.1k points
17.07k points
16.98k points
16.95k points
16.88k points
16.84k points
15.55k points
14.72k points
14.69k points
14.58k points
14.57k points
14.21k points
14.2k points
13.69k points
12.98k points
12.24k points
12.22k points
12.04k points
12.03k points
11.98k points
11.85k points
11.74k points
11.69k points
11.69k points
11.39k points
11.31k points
11.26k points
10.97k points
10.91k points
10.64k points
10.54k points
10.5k points
10.29k points
10.25k points
10.15k points
10.05k points
10.05k points
9.66k points
9.62k points
9.53k points
9.48k points
9.46k points
9.45k points
9.4k points
9.4k points
9.33k points
9.12k points
9.07k points
9.02k points
8.92k points
8.87k points
8.86k points
8.84k points
8.75k points
8.74k points
8.73k points
8.64k points
8.6k points
8.6k points
8.47k points
8.43k points
8.31k points
8.31k points
8.24k points
8.17k points
8.16k points
8.1k points
8.05k points
8.01k points
8k points
7.96k points
7.93k points
7.88k points

Hardlimit Benchmark Central - Ver. 3.11.4